WOAT 2016

International Workshop on Operator Theory and Operator Algebras
Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. July 5-8, 2016.

Local information

Workshop information

The Registration desk will be located at level 0 (entrance) of the building "Complexo Interdisciplinar" (see map below) and will be available on Tuesday, July 5, from 08:30 till 10:00 and on Wednesday, July 6, from 9:00 till 12:00.

The main lecture room, "Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar", is at level 0 of the building "Complexo Interdisciplinar". Some of the lectures also will be held in lecture rooms 3.10, 3.31 and P9 located at level +3 at level +2 of the Maths building "Pavilhão de Matemática"(see map below). The Common room is located at level +3 of the Maths building.

All conference rooms will be equipped with a computer connected to a data show, transparencies projector and a black/white board. Participants with their own laptops can access the internet on IST- Campus using the wireless network (please see your welcome folder for configurations and usernames / passwords). There will also be a computer available at the registration desk that can be used by participants while the registration desk is open.

The most efficient way to go to the city center is to take the underground train from Alameda to stations Rossio or Baixa-Chiado. Taxis are available in the north-west corner of the campus, near Holiday Inn hotel, and in Praça de Londres, a shopping area about 300m from the north entrance of IST campus.

There are two banks in the main building "Pavilhão Central" of the Institute (see map below) together with ATM machines (where you can withdraw cash).


There is a canteen (cost per meal 4,27€) located at level 0 in the Maths building "Pavilhão de Matemática"(see the map below) and there is a snack bar right in the Complexo Interdisciplinar which serves small-fast meals at lunch time. Further snack bars can be found in the buildings "Pavilhão Central", "Pavilhão de Civil" and "Pavilhão de Quimica" (see map). On Saturday, most of these places are closed, but at least the snack bar in building "Pavilhão de Civil" is open.



Hotel A.S. Lisboa ★★★
Av. Almirante Reis, 188, 1000-055 Lisboa , Portugal - Tel.: + 351 218 429 360    Fax: + 351 218 429 374
(Rates are "NET: Single– 52.50€/ Twin – 62.50€ per night with breakfast included)
Deadline: 05/25/2016 confirming your reservation with a credit card, indicating the event “WOAT 2016”


Hotel Alif ★★★ Campo Pequeno 
Campo Pequeno, 51, 1000-081 Lisboa - Tel.:+ 351 217 826 210
(rates: single -55€/ Twin – 65€ per night with breakfast included)
These rates apply only to requests by participants of WOAT 2016 using the following emails:


Turim Alameda Hotel ★★★★
Av. Rovisco Pais 34, 1000-268 Lisboa - Tel. :+ 351 218 411 550
(Special rates: single -60€/ Twin – 65€/Extra bed  30€ p/ night with breakfast included)
These rates apply only to requests by participants of WOAT 2016 using the following link:

Bit.ly/ReservasTurimCorporate / USER: WOAT2016 / Password: WOAT2016


The Independente Hostel
PH Chiado Hostel
Home Lisbon Hostel

In addition to this list you can also find other suitable hotels in Lisbon at the site Portugal Booking. However, they don’t have an agreement with the University.

Getting to Lisbon and the venue

Portela Airport (Lisbon) is an international gateway with flights departing and arriving from almost anywhere in the world and is only 7 km away from the center of Lisbon, and just a few km from the venue at IST and the hotels nearby. There are good connections from the airport to the area near IST.

By Underground Train: The Airport is connected to the center of the town by the underground train (Metropolitano). It has stops near the Instituto Superior Técnico and near the recommended hotels (see map below).

By Bus: There exists a bus route, called Aerobus (route 91), providing a fast connection between the airport and Saldanha (tell the driver where you are going), a nearby square near the Institute. The AeroBus leaves every 20m (from 7.00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m.) and it costs more or less 4,00 euros. For more information visit the Carris web site

By Taxi: Price around 10 Euros. A small tip of around 5 percent is appreciated but not essential.

When arriving by train (CP - Portuguese Trains) get off at the station Gare do Oriente, from where you can take the underground train (Metropolitano) to Alameda, near IST. When arriving by coach, you may arrive at a terminus also in Gare do Oriente, or you may arrive at the coach station coach in Sete Rios. From Sete Rios there are connections by underground train (Metropolitano) or suburban train (to Entrecampos near IST).

The Instituto Superior Técnico Alameda Campus

The Workshop on Operator Theory and Operator Algebras 2016 will take place at IST-Lisbon, the largest science and technology school in Portugal. You can rescale the map to see where the IST campus is located in the city of Lisbon.